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Historie del 6// Right Here

"Bye jake" i smiled. "Bye babe" he kissed me quick before i went into the security. When i was finished I waved to Jake. I went to Starbucks, bought myself a frappuccino before I went to the store ...

Historie del 5// Right Here

"Wow, just wow" Jake said while we pulled back from eachother. I blushed like crazy. He smiled at me before he kissed me again, just one quick kiss this time. I love how adorble he is. "I really li...

Historie del 4// Right Here

We talked for hours, about everything actually, just normal things. Jake is such a sweetheart. I'm considering rehab for my self. "You are going home now?" Jake asked since we were on our way the h...

Historie del 3// Right Here

"So basically my mom is drunk all the time, since my dad died three years ago. I don't really know what to do, she never listen! I miss my dad so much and all the good times we had together before....

Historie del 2// Right Here

I know, he's hot. Haha. Yeah, and he is that little kid from Wizards of Waverly Place. "So, how are you Carina?" he asked me while he was starting his car. "I'm okay.. I guess" I smiled, fake obiou...

Historie del 1 // Right Here

Dette blir da en NY historie, og den starter n! haha. Hovedpersonen heter Carina Quaid. (ja, jeg valgte mitt navn, da blir det lett for meg, haha) Er vel egentlig ikke s utrolig mye du trenger ...


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Hei dere :) Jeg er en jente p 15 r som skriver historier om Justin Bieber. Kontakt: buster.carina@hotmail.com 40108769 (helst melding)