Historie del 6// Right Here

"Bye jake" i smiled. "Bye babe" he kissed me quick before i went into the security. When i was finished I waved to Jake. I went to Starbucks, bought myself a frappuccino before I went to the store where I bought a gossip magazine, haha, im a weirdo. After like 45 minutes I went on the plane, first class! I sat right next to the window, no one sat beside me though. This will be a really boring flight. "Hey, I think I'm gonna sit next to you this flight!"

Holy shit. I take back what I just said, this will not be a boring flight. Not at all. I was a bit shocked and I think my mouth was shaped like a O or something. I tried to smile, but my starstruck smile is like the ugliest ever. Justin Bieber sat down next to me. JUSTIN BIEBER. "Your Carina right?" holy shit, he knows my name! HE KNOW WHO I AM!!! "Uhm- y-yeah!" I stuttered. "Well, nice to meet you I'm" "Justin Bieber, I kinda know" I giggled. "How do you know who I am?" I asked him, a bit confused. "Your Demi's cousin and Jake's girlfriend.. " he looked really weird on me. "Stalker" I giggled again. "Am not!" he pretended to be shocked. "Yes you are!" "Hey bieeebzz" a voice said and I looked up and saw a dude, haha, he looked nice. "I'm Alfredo! You are Carina right?" omg, stalkers! I know that they love me and thing that i'm the hottest girl ever, but.. "Are you guys a stalker team or something?" i giggled. They laughed. "Haven't you watched the news? Jake is famous you know and everyone knows that you guys date! Plus you are Demi's bestfriend and cousin" this dude, Alfredo said. I nodded. "So what have you guys been doing in NY?" I asked them when we were in the air. "Interviews and concerts, I just finished my promo tour" Justin smiled. "Promo tour?" What is a pormo tour actually? Am i like the stupist human being ever.. or? haha. "Yeah, we've been in Europe and America to promote my new album, Believe" he smiled, proud, aw. "Thats cool! What kind of countries have you been in?" I asked. "We started in Norway, that was crazyy, and we have also been in London, Paris, Milano, Mexico and New York, obiously" We talked about have he'd been in all those countries and how it was there. It sounded so interesting! "So what are you up to in LA?" Justin asked. "I'm going to Demi, moving with here, sort of, I'm joining her on the Unbroken tour. It starts in like 3 weeks or something, but she'll have some concerts around California before that time. I'm also joining her on the KCA!" I grinned. "KCA? I'm going there too!" Justin smiled. "Yeah, you're performing right? Demi told" He nodded. "So, you and Jake?" he had this smile on his face. I laughed and nodded. "How long?" "Uhm.. 3 hours" i giggled. "What? At the airport, cool" he smiled.


Damn this girl was beautiful. I'm so jelous at Jake right now, he's like the luckiest dude or something. Her smile was so beautiful and her brown eyes, wow, just wow. She was so naturally pretty and I love when girls are that. She is down to earth to, like she doesnt seem to care that im Justin Bieber, well.. maybe not so weird.. she's dating Jake T. Austin and he is Demi Lovato's cousin. Her laugh was so cute, I coulndt help but smile. "Aw, alfredo is sleeping" I got snapped out of my thoughts and I looked over at my left and saw Fredo laid with his mouth open and he snored. Haha, retard. "This is so going on twitter" i laughed while I took a picture of that sleepyhead. "Poor thing" she giggled. I shaked my head while tweeting.

@Justinbieber: Tired much, @alfredoflores? (pic)

@Justinbieber: Cool fight for once! Chilling with @CarinaQuaid :)


"You just gave me like 500'000 new followers" I giggled. Justin laughed. "30 minutes till we land in Los Angeles." this stupid, over nice voice said. I hate that voice, its annoying. "I need your number" Justin suddenly said. "Sure" i smiled and he gave me his phone. I did the same and I got his too. "Well, i'll see you soon?" Justin said when we got off the plane. I nodded. "Bye!" I said and we hugged before I walked out. Justin took another way, VIP i think. I went to the hall and saw my cute cousin stood there with her biiig smile while she waved. "DEMI!" I screamed. "CARINA!" we ran to eachother and hugged.



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mer, elsker historien din!<3

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du m skriver p norsk.....det er masse som folk ikke sjnner......jeg er ikke god i engelsk......pliss kan du skrive p norsk.......det er jo en norsk blogg

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mer mer mer mer mer mer mer mer mer merme mer

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