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"Wow, just wow" Jake said while we pulled back from eachother. I blushed like crazy. He smiled at me before he kissed me again, just one quick kiss this time. I love how adorble he is. "I really like you Carina, I really do" he said sweet. "Jake, I like you to, really" I said quick. I was a bit taken back of what he said, kinda. "You do?" he said smiling. He kissed me again, and again, and again.


"YOU WHAT?!?!?" Demi is sooo loud. She should try to calm down a little. Yep, I just told her about my mom and what I do. Yep, she freaked out a bit. Jake was sitting right next to me and he was holding my hand the hole time. "Demi.. sorry, I just.." I tried to stay or talk normal, even though my voice was shaking like a real bitch because I hate to talk about this. "Do you want to join me on the tour, you can live with me you know." I love how sweet she is, she is just amazing. "I would love to" i smild, even though she can't see it. "But.. who do you live with now?" I heard that she was a bit confused. I looked over at Jake who smiled to me. "I live with this boy..." I said. She hates it when I don't tell her boysthing and so on, she just hates it! "WHAT? TELL ME, I NEED GOSSIP!!" There I hit the bomb. Haha. "What is his name?!?" She was so hysterical know so I started to laugh. "CARINA LOVATO, YOU TELL ME THIS RIGHT NOW!!" Yep, Demi still calls me Lovato. "His name is Jake" I smiled, and Jake smiled back at me. He kissed me really quick. Did I forget to tell you that we are dating? He's the sweetest. "I heard I kiss, tell me his hole name you biatch" I giggled at how obsessed Demi was. "Jake T. Austin, you may know him.." "AW, ARE YOU DATING JAKY? He's so sweet" Jake and Demi both know eachother, since both works for Disney. "Yeah, I know." I smiled. "Well, I've already orderen a plane for you to LA, and we'll have a few shows here before we move on to rest of the states, then Europe!" "Goodiie!" We talked a bit more before she needed to go, so know.. me and Jake was kissing and kissing.

It is a bit sad that soon I will leave.. actually tomorrow. We are done at school! Woho! Finally. I've talked a lot to Megan lately, she understood why I wanted to go with Demi because she knew about it. "You are beautiful" Jake took some of my hair behind my hair and looked at me. He knows how to make me blush! I blushed like crazy. "Your cute when you blush you know" "Jake, stop it! You make me blush even more.." I giggled. He laughed before he kissed me once more. "I'm gonna miss you.." he said, sad. "You know that I'll come back to NY in three weeks, right?" I smiled. "Yeah I know, thats a looong, looong time"



"All packed?" Jake hold me from behind. "Yep!" "Let's go then!" Jake took my luggage and he went straight to the car while i said goodbye to his mom. "I see you soon, right?" she said. I nodded. "Of course!" I smiled before i hugged her. "Thank you" "your welcome sweety" She smiled. I went out to Jake's babe. Gosh, I just loooove his car. "I love this soong!" I turned up the volume and started to sing along

"He is so talented" I said after the song was finished. " I know, he is really awesome to" "You've met him?!? Lucky you!" omg. Jake have met Justin Bieber. lucky dude over here. I looked straight forward and saw that we were at the airport. "Here, let me help you" Jake is a gentleman, yes he is. He took out my luggage and we went inside so I could check in. I showed a woman my passport and she gave me a ticket before she took my luggage. "My plane is leaving in like 2 hours.." i said calm. "I know, but first I need to ask you something really important" He grabbed my hand an we walked over to a bench where we sat down. I looked at him, he looked really nervous. "I really, really like you Carina, i do. I've liked you for a long time now.. and I feel that we should be some more right? So... uhm.. do you want to be my girlfriend?" He looked up at me, I could se that he was really nervous. I smiled, big. "Ofcourse!" I screamed out so poeple looked at me weird. Haha. He grinned and leaned forward. Our lips touched in a amazing kiss. Wow, he is my boyfriend! ip! Don't know how to really express myself, haha. A bit hard. "My girl" he smiled. "My boy" We kissed again and this time we started to make out. "Plane to Los Angeles, gate 14K, latest check in 30 miinutes" I let go of Jake's lips and smiled. "I have to go" "I know" he looked sad. "I'll come back you know! And we can skype everyday, and i'll call you" We stood right outside the security check. "Call me right after you arrived, okay?" he smiled. "I will" i grinned at him. "I'll miss you. A lot" he kissed me soflty and I took my hands around his neck. This guy can really kiss!

"Bye jake" i smiled. "Bye babe" he kissed me quick before i went into the security. When i was finished I waved to Jake. I went to Starbucks, bought myself a frappuccino before I went to the store where I bought a gossip magazine, haha, im a weirdo. After like 45 minutes I went on the plane, first class! I sat right next to the window, no one sat beside me though. This will be a really boring flight. "Hey, I think I'm gonna sit next to you this flight!"




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