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We talked for hours, about everything actually, just normal things. Jake is such a sweetheart. I'm considering rehab for my self. "You are going home now?" Jake asked since we were on our way the his car, or his babe as I like to call it. "Yeah, I have to" I smiled, fake. "You don't have to do anything.. Is your mom home now?" He asked while grabbing my hand. "Yeah" "Well, we should get you home and you pack a bag or something and you move over to my house" he smiled. "Jake, I can't do that" I said. "Yes you can, we have a guest room you can sleep in. It is just two weeks left of school, you'll stay with me till then and then you'll go with Demi." he said sweet. "Thank you Jake" I said before i kissed his cheek. I saw he blushed a little, which was so cute. I love boys who blushes, cutest thing.

"AND WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MRS. PRINCESS?" yup. My daily life. Mom screaming like a troll. I'm a bit scared though. Jake sat in the car, a few houses away. "Answer me" she said. Her hair was a mess and she held a vodka bottle. I walked straight up the stairs and into my room. I slammed the door and the tears went down my cheeks. I found a big bag and packed a lot of clothes and important things like makeup and so on. I also picked up my cute little diary and a photo book. Ops, i alsmost forgot my mac! I grabbed it quickly before I walked slowly down again. "And where do you think you are going?" my mom asked, drunk, as always. "I'm leaving" I said. Calm. Inside I was scared as f***. "You are NOT leaving." "Mom, I am tired if this. You are abusing me and you don't even care! Dad is dead, okay? He will NEVER return, NEVER. He is GONE, get that in your head and start being normal!" I was yelling now wih tears in my eyes. "you are not mu daughter anymore... slut." Well, thank you om for breaking me apart inside. I stood there an just waited for her to hit me or whatever, I just waited. "Bye" I said plainly. "Wait" She said. I looked back and she came to me, with her arms out. Is she about to hug me. I smiled a small smile. "Hah, yeah right" she said before she slapped my face so hard that I falled down on the ground. "I hope someone rape you are whatever, you are a terrible daughter" she said before she walked back inside. "GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE" she continued. I cried, my body hurted and I was shaking. I opened the door, slowly before I walked as fast as I could to Jake's car. Jaka opened his door and saw me. "omg, are you okey?" He said worried. I cried and before I knew it, his arms was wrapped around me. I felt safe.

"Mom, are you home?" Jake yelled out as we walked inside his house. It was beautiful in here. "Yes! Im here" a nice voice said back. Jake smiled at me and grabbed my hand. We walked into a room, the kitchen! "And who is this girl?" His mom smiled. "Hi I am Jenna!" She smiled and hold her hand out. "Hi, im Carina. Nice to meet you" I smiled back. "Mom-" Jake told her the whole story and she didnt even hesitate to let me live her for two weeks. She hugged me and said that everything will be alright. I thanked her for letting me stay before Jake showed me "my" room. It was late, so we bot decided to go to bed. "Thank you so much Jake, I really appreciate it" I smiled. "Your welcome" he looked at me before he hugged me tight and gave me a kiss on my cheek.


NEXT DAY ( saturday )

I smiled at my outfit in the mirror. I love my skirt! It is so fluffy and summer-ish. I took on some makeup and did my hair before i heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and saw Jake standing there, hot as usual! "Heey" I smiled. "You look beautiful" he said while checking me out. I blushed and looked down at me shoes, white ballerinas. "Hey"Jake said lifting my head up. "Mom is out, she will we gone till tomorrow, you want to go to Starbucks or something? Eat breakfast and then we can just hang out?" he smiled. "Yeah, sure!" I smiled. I just loove starbucks! My favorite drink as Frappuccino ofcourse and there is sooo much good food there! We walked out of is house and into his babe, i love his babe. It's a awesome car. He grabbed my hand again when we sat in the car. I love when jake just randomly grab my hand, It's just so cute! "Starbuucks!" I said when Jake pulled into a parkinglot. "You really like starbucks, don't you?" he laughed. "Who doesn't?". I giggled a bit We walked inside and we ordered our food, no papparazzii!! wii. Love when they doesnt notice us. I just love Mocha Frappuccino, it taste soo good. "So, have you talked to Demi?" Jake asked me. "No, I was considering if I should call her later today" i smiled, just a little smile. It was hard you know, not living with my family and when someone bring this subject up I just.. yeah. "That's good!" Jake said. We ate the rest of the food before we walked hand-in-hand outside to Times Squere. "Carina?" Jake said nervous. "Yeah?" "Don't be mad at me.." "What? Why should i be m-" His lips crashed against mine for the first time. I was a bit taken back in the bginning but I kissed him back. It was amazing, the best kiss i've had!

"Wow, just wow" Jake said while we pulled back from eachother. I blushed like crazy. He smiled at me before he kissed me again, just one quick kiss this time. I love how adorble he is. "I really like you Carina, I really do" he said sweet. "Jake, I like you to, really" I said quick. I was a bit taken back of what he said, kinda. "You do?" he said smiling. He kissed me again, and again, and again.

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