Historie del 2// Right Here

I know, he's hot. Haha. Yeah, and he is that little kid from Wizards of Waverly Place. "So, how are you Carina?" he asked me while he was starting his car. "I'm okay.. I guess" I smiled, fake obiously. I hate it when people ask how I am. Because I'm not good. Seriously, I'm not. Jake doesn't know my secrets or anything, he doesn't know a thing. I'm wondering if I should tell him today.

His car is seriosly a babe. I told you, didn't i? "Whats wrong?" Jake looked worried at me. "I'll tell you later, okay?" I smiled to him, a real smile this time though, since he is the cutest guy ever. He nodded slowly before he took my hand in his and hold it tight. I smiled of how cute he actually was. "Are you hungry?" He asked me. "Yeaah" I stroke my other hand on his hand who was holding my other hand. ( lol, confusing)
. "McDonalds?" he smiled. I giggled a little. "You know me too well!" He laughed. He drove to the parking spot and we walked hand in hand inside. "God.. i hate papparazies.. " I mumbled. "Jake! Over here! Carina, how is it going with you? Is Demi okay? Are you dating? " Yeah.. they know who I am, since I am so often with Demi... and Jake. Haha. Jake took a harder grip of my hand before he opened the door for me and we walked inside. "What do you want? I can order if you find some seats" he smiled. "No.. forget what i said, i know what you want!" He kissed me quickly on my cheek before he left me while i was blushing like crazy. I smiled a little before I found a seat, in a corner, alone, far from the windows. Lol, i'm such a retard. "Excuse me.." a sweet little voice said. I looked down and saw the cutest girl ever.. she was sooo cute. Crystal blue eyes, blond hair in a ponytale and a small smile on her face. I smiled at her. "Hey sweety" I said. "Are you Carina Lovato?" She asked shy. My name was Lovato before, since it's my fathers name.. but my mom's name is Quaid and she is in family with that Dennis or something dude. His son is an acter, he is awesome, Jack Quaid, he played Marvel in The Hunger Games! Oh.. i almost forgot the little girl! Opps. "Yeah, thats me" I smiled. She smiled a big smile back. "I'm Demi's biggest fan and I know almsot everything about her and you, can you please sign this?" I looked at her little book. It was a notebook with Demi on the front, Camp Rock 2. Aw. "Yeah, sure!" I smiled. I signed and draw a little heart after my name. "I have to go, bye" she said cute. "Bye!"
"Foooooood!" I said with a big smile on my face when Jake finally came. "Sorry.. it was a loong que!" He said before he sat down on the other chair. "It's ok" I said.
I love McDonalds food, like seriously, it's the best thing ever. It is weird that i'm not fatter. Yes, I think that I'm fat and everything.. but it's just that no one really knows that I think so. I don't care though.. I don't want people to actually care about me. "So, do you want to tell be what's bothers you?" Jake asked when we was outside again. We were in Central Park for a little walk, cute, he hold my hand every second. "Can we sit down?" I asked queitly. "Of course!" he said. We walked over to a bench and we started to talk about me, and everything.. "So basically my mom is drunk all the time, since my dad died three years ago. I don't really know what to do, she never listen! I miss my dad so much and all the good times we had together before.. we were a perfect family back then. I just miss my family, my mom isn't the same.." I said with tears in my eyes. "I can see that there is some more" Jake said calmly. I nodded slowly while taking away the tears from my cheek. "My mom calls me so many names.. and she.. she.. and I for that sake.." "You what?" I breathed out..

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21.06.2012 kl.00:20

Bra historie s langt, liker at du skriver p engelsk!! meer : - D<3

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