Historie del 1 // Right Here

Dette blir da en NY historie, og den starter n! haha.

Hovedpersonen heter Carina Quaid. (ja, jeg valgte mitt navn, da blir det lett for meg, haha)

Er vel egentlig ikke s utrolig mye du trenger vite, bortsett fra dette og at denne skal skrives p ENGELSK.

Jesuz.... this day is soo long. The clock doesnt seem to move any forward.. annoying. I'm sure the teacher took out the batteries before we entered the classroom. He's an evil man. Mr.Tomlinson... he has the same last name as one of the dudes in that new boy band, but as he says, he is not in family with him. Well, my name is Carina Quaid and I'm from NEW YORK! Ip, love this city. I'm 18 ! I go on this stupid high school called Central Park East High School. I'm not bad in school, not at all, It's just that the teachers here are so mean. "I didn't say you could pack Miss Walker!" What did I say? I looked over to my bestfriend who awkwardly sat back down on her chair. I giggled a little. She is so weird. Before, when she wasnt with me, she was the nicest girl and she was always home, always. Oh well.. created a monster! Nah, just kidding. I'm a good girl, but I do party sometimes and I hang out with friends.. like normal people do. I am a pretty happy girl, or I try to be it. I try to hide my secrets. Well- "WE'RE DONE FOR TODAY, WOHO!" Well.. that's my normal bestfriend Megan Walker. "What are you up to today girl?" Megan looked at me while we were walking out of the classroom. "I'm gonna meet Jake.." I said while i was smiling. "You like him right?" She pushed me playfully in my shoulder. I nodded. "You like him, he likes you.. whats the problem?" "I don't know.. it's just.. we're waiting?" "Not a good reason, you're scared that he will hurt you like the other dude Peter." Megan looked at me seriously. I nodded, just a bit. Yeah, I am scared. He hurted me.. not just like this break up thing. He was using me for sex and stuff.. plus he cheated on me. I am so scared that other boys will do the same.. therefore I like to stay single.

@CarinaQuaid: Megan took this pic of me the other day.. kinda like it, new icon or not? (pic)

Yeah, i LOVE twitter. Got a lot of follwers to, but some of the main reasong are maybe, just maybe that my cousin is... a maybe known name for you all.. Demi Lovato. Yeah, she is awesome! I love her. We are like BFFs. Me and Megan walked outside to Megans car when i heard someone call my name. I looked behind me and saw Jake and his friends coming toward us. Megan liftet her eyebrows while grinning. I smiled at Jake. "Heey" he said when he got to me. He gave me a big hug. "Hey" I smiled. "So, do you want to go know? " He asked me. I looked at Megan who nodded while smiling. "Yeah, sure!" I smiled. "Great! Let's go then" He took my hand and we walked to his car.. and omg. I love his car, it is sooo flawless. It's maybe because he is rich.. and famous. Well, I don't care if he's famous or rich, I like him for who he is. When I first met him, I didn't even know who he was.. awkward.

I know, he's hot. Haha. Yeah, and he is that little kid from Wizards of Waverly Place. "So, how are you Carina?" he asked me while he was starting his car. "I'm okay.. I guess" I smiled, fake obiously. I hate it when people ask how I am. Because I'm not good. Seriously, I'm not. Jake doesn't know my secrets or anything, he doesn't know a thing. I'm wondering if I should tell him today.

/// mer?

Hva syntes dere hittil? :))


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