Dear Justin

Hey Biebs :)

I just wanted to say that i love u very much. You are a big inspiration for me, you make me want to follow my dreams. Did u knew that u are amazing? I hope so, cause u are. When i first heard you, in 2008, i almost cried. What i saw was a cute little boy with the most amazing voice i have ever heard. I couldn't believe that u wasn't famous then. You sang with you in your living room, and u had no idea what your future would be. Look at you now Justin. You are traveling all over the world, just to sing for us, the Beliebers. You are always our nr 1, and we ur number 1. It is amazing, to just hear u sing, see you smile and hear your voice. To be in this family, be a part of this.. it's really amazing. I am so thankful, to you Justin, for saying all this kind words to all of us, to just smile and make us happy. Do you really know how much it means to us? We LOVE you Justin, remember that. If you are having a bad day someday, think of us and that will maybe make u smile. Yeah, maybe all of us won't support you till the end. But the beliebers that's been here from the start, will never, yeah i said NEVER, forget u, they will NEVER stop loving and supporting you Justin. I am one of them, I have been here from the start. I am not a crazy fan. I am a supportive belieber. I will always support you, i will always do my best to make you smile and laugh. I'm gonna do my best, to make your world good. I will keep the haters away from u, i will support u. maybe i sound crazy? But, no. I am NOT crazy, like I said. I am just supportive, I do my best everyday to support u and keep the haters away. I have been a Belieber for almost 4 years now, but still I haven't been to a concert. I am still waiting for that day, I'm gonna meet you, talk to you, give you a hug and tell you how much you means to me. Maybe, I am just one in 20 millions, but still I am special. Because I am your belieber, u said that all of your beliebers makes u smile, so that makes me to one of them that makes you smile :) That day, you followed me on twitter, I cried and i couldn't even believe it. That you, my inspiration and hero, actually followed me, a normal girl from Norway. That is just amazing. It shows how careful u are to your fans. Did u actually knew that you saved my life? Yeah, thats true Justin. I hated my life, you was the only one that could make me smile. I almost killed myself. But again, u saved me. Thank you Justin. Again I want to tell u that people do mistakes, and yeah.. maybe u have done some of them. But I don't care! Everyone do mistakes. I don't care who you date, who you kiss, who you hug, as long your beliebers always are with you. In your heart. I know we are :) Again, Thank You Justin, for everything. You changed my life completely, to a good life. I love you Justin, always remember that the real beliebers will always love you. Never forget. Thanks :) <3

- @CarinaBelieber always a true belieber.

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15, Drammen

Hei :) Jeg er en jente som elsker Justin Bieber, og jeg har gjort det siden 2008. Jeg skriver for det meste historier og slikt, men kommer noen ganger nyheter :)