Hvorfor JEG elsker Justin

Hei dere :)) 

Jeg vil egentlig bare dele min historie med dere, den er på engelsk siden jeg har den på twitlonger men jeg kopierer den bare.. 

How Justin Bieber saved my life.

I have always loved Justin, always listen to his music, always been his beliber, but i never thought that he was the person that's going to save my life.

It started in november/december 2010. I felt ugly, fat, weird and.. yeah.. I hated my life! Everything was terrible, i was alone, all the time! I felt so alone, so different... I had those periods when I yelled at everyone, I hated my life at this time. I started to eat less, and I went from 48 kilo, to 45 kilo in 2 weeks. I didn't know at this time that I had a serious problem. 
People noticed that I always was alone, that I didn't smile and laugh so much that i usually do. I was one of the happiest, random and weirdest girl in class! My bestfriend told me to stop. I was like: stop? with what? She looked at me and said: stop with what you are doing! U know what i mean. 
She didn't know what I was doing, but she knew that something wasn't right. I am so grateful, to all that helped me, my friends and Justin Bieber. 

He was my only reason to smile, my ONLY reason to live! I wanted to kill myself in 3 months, I wanted to disappear. Justin helped my trough it! It is a little weird, yeah, that a guy that doesn't know me, saved my life! That is one reason to love him more, he is perfect, he is a lifesaver, a great human!

I started cutting myself in some months, I tried to hide it with big sweaters and clothes that hide it. It was hard to live like that. My family didn't knew a thing, they didn't saw it, they never asked if I was alright, never. I hated my life more and more. I cried a lot trough this time. When i smiled, just a little smile, it was because of Justin, and his voice and smile. It helped me a lot! It was like this in 3- 4 months. In february 2011, me and my mom had a big fight, a really big fight. It was hard to me, a 14 year old girl from Norway. But I was so angry and scared at that time. I went to the kitchen, screaming that i wanted to die. I screamed that they should tell Justin that I loved him. 
I found a .... knife and went to my room. I cried, and I cried. The knife was near my body, over my heart. I cried and wrote a little note to my family, friends an Justin Bieber. I was about to take suicide. 
My phone rang. U smile was my ringtone, omg. I cried so much, I though about that i can't die from him! I am his beliber, I will always be here for him! I didn't want to die from him, I wanted to see him!

My life now is hard, but i coming trough it. I haven't been to a Justin Bieber concert, I haven't been RT, I haven't talked to him. It is hard.. to wait. I really want him to see this, that will make my life to a good life.

Thank you, Justin Bieber, for saving my life, for being be inspiration, for being my reason to smile, my reason to live. I love u, so much. 

Ja, Justin Drew Bieber reddet meg fra døden. Det er egentlig ganske vanskelig å snakke om det , men jeg orker ikke å gjemme det inni meg lenger. Og Never Say Never gir en mening nå, Justin følger meg på twitter, Christian har sendt en melding til meg, ernie halter følger meg. Jeg drømmer om å møte Justin, snakke med han. Jeg er ikke en gæren fan, jeg kommer ikke til å løpe etter han som en gal jente, jeg komemr til å snakke med han, fortelle MIN historie. 

meg. ikke kommenter om du skal disse utseendet mitt :)) 


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15.aug.2011 kl.16:41

Bra skrevet!!

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15, Drammen

Hei :) Jeg er en jente som elsker Justin Bieber, og jeg har gjort det siden 2008. Jeg skriver for det meste historier og slikt, men kommer noen ganger nyheter :)