* u and justin are at the beach and watch the sun goes down " U: It's so beautiful ! Justin: I know something more beautiful! U : what? Justin: me. ' he look at u and smiles' U: haha, u LOVE urself! Justin: yeaah! but i love u more babe. * he kiss u softly at ur lips*

U: Justin come here! Justin: okey, coming babe! * u find a waterbottle and when justin is coming out he jump in front of him and take all of the water on him* Justin: what was that for?! * u smile and u start to run * Justin: aahhh!!! ill get u! hahaha * he takes his arm around u and looks into ur eyes and suddenly his lips are placed on urs *


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15, Drammen

Hei :) Jeg er en jente som elsker Justin Bieber, og jeg har gjort det siden 2008. Jeg skriver for det meste historier og slikt, men kommer noen ganger nyheter :)